The French and the High-Tech: the call of consumer credit

The French are increasingly connected, evidenced by a recent study by Astro Finance and ASD. How much are we willing to invest in a state-of-the-art phone, computer or TV? How do we pay for our purchases? Everything you need to know about our behavior towards High-Tech.

The French and High-Tech: an assumed dependence

The French and High-Tech: an assumed dependence

Almost three-quarters (74%) of French people say they have adopted high-tech online shopping. The numerous payment facilities and discount prices practiced by certain sites facilitate consumption. A flourishing market, especially as we are willing to spend more to have a quality product.

Payment in installments without fees adopted

Payment in installments at no cost is a classic of the favorite brands of the French. Usually always associated with a loyalty card and payment solution that offers a nice flexibility of repayment. This is mostly of payment solutions in less than 90 days that are not within the legal framework of credit consumption. Only 2% of French people also finance their new purchases through consumer credit.

Store credit, an easy solution

Most major brands offer credit payment solutions. Some have their own credit and loyalty cards, facilitating purchases and therefore quick credit. Just most of the time to provide some supporting documents (ID, bank card) and proof of financial resources for credit conso in stores, which generally corresponds to a revolving credit.

This credit can be free (APR 0%), but it also grants a reserve of available money. It is indeed an opening of credit. This is will not affect whether the reservation never used, but it is good to know that any re-use of the loyalty card and payment is not always proceed in the same conditions. This is why the revolving credit is a product the APR rate is revisable and not fixed.